Hi, I'm Charlie Wilson

Past work

Maths tutoring - Past work

My sessions are organized around a matter which the child has in mind. From there, the cornerstones and key principles are reviewed in a lecture style. Involvement is crucial and I commonly do this by inquiring about things relating to the principles at hand throughout the lesson. Commonly by the end everything is brought back and some example examination questions are asked.

To achieve an excellent outcome, throwing up information or mark plans is not enough. I often motivate my students by pushing more than the requirements. I constantly urge additional reading as well as advise it heavily. I typically employ 20 minutes after the hour of the course discussing enquiries that the students have, no matter how outside of the course it is.

I comprehend exactly how daunting maths can seem however I'm excited to have the opportunity to pass on my excitement for the subject to my students. Throughout the complimentary meeting I will certainly speak with the student to much better understand their staminas as well as weak points, and get a clue of how they study best. After this I will certainly have the ability to create tailor made lessons, especially targeting the areas they have a hard time with. The training sessions will focus around working through questions with each other and also solving them utilising techniques that can be put on similar examination format enquiries. Whether the student or parent want, I can also set home assignments to guarantee that there is a strong grasping of the matter.